Early 2021 ‘Padel Fanatic’ was launched by Lorenz Kintaert and Vincent Braet. Our passion for fashion and padel resulted in an idea that ultimately became reality. 
With our brand, we strive to unite this community of passionate padel players. Reaching from the driven beginners to the relentless professionals amongst us. We aim to be a reference for the padel community by centralizing key values as friendship, connection and fun. 

We believe that padel provides some of the most important positive influences for everyone. Besides pure fun and a healthy workout, padel stands out as a social phenomenon that creates new friendships. Unlike other sports, padel does not require extensive technical competences, but guarantees an experience of success from the very beginning.

Our mission is to make this sport accessible to everyone by offering a high quality, yet affordable range of everything you need for an optimal padel experience. Personal service is our priority, we are open for a chat and love to share our passion with you.

Making the best padel experience accessible for all.